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Scheduled support

Designed to meet your business needs, our affordable scheduled support plans will save you time and money.

On-site & offsite

Fast on-site services combined with around the clock offsite support helps keep your critical services up and running.

Backup & recovery

Don’t gamble with risk security. We can help you get up and running fast with a purpose built backup and recovery strategy.

Business Comms

Nothing slows down a business more quickly than to lose email access. Talk to us about how to improve your system reliability today.

Internet Security

With more and more business being conducted over the internet, now more than ever, internet security is fundamental. Protecting personal and business information is vital and high-profile attacks provide a theft gateway enabling the theft of credit and debit card information and more. Don’t leave yourself at risk.

Book in with TPCS to see how we can easily protect you from cyber harm.

Backup Services

 Sometimes the loss of critical data is not fully understood until an attempt to recover it has been made. The lost productivity surrounding a data loss event makes it a no-brainer to consider an effective backup strategy.

Talk with TPCS today to create a backup plan and secure your digital assets.

“My day is usually quite hectic. And before I used TPCS it was a real task to juggle tech support.

TPCS helps me get more done because my tech simply works!

Hardware & Services

From small business and home computers to enterprise infrastructure solutions, we’re here to help.

Services & Networking

A well connected office is an efficient office. Allow us to supercharge your network and internet services!

Access Control

Customized access control including video management software,  smartphone access, and cloud-based configuration.

Security Systems

You can’t always be on-site and a well-specified and configured security system can give you peace of mind for your important assets.

Surveillance Systems

Full system setup including outdoor and indoor, wired and wireless camera mounting and configuration. Your surveillance is covered!

Workflow Systems

Having the right silicon procedure is critical! Ask us how we can streamline your digital workflow today!